Focused primarily on aviation facilities and hospitals, DBS management have laser scanned and generated hundreds of Revit models since 2004. We have successfully completed projects in fifty North American airports from Alaska to Key West. We also have extensive experience with Schools, Industrial Facilities, and general building interiors and exteriors. DBS also provides BIM coordination services for companies who do not offer this service or companies that may require temporary assistance due to short staffing. We are also a MBE/DBE Certified company.

 Over the years, we have been successful in assisting RFQ/SOQ respondents by having them add us to their approach as a team member to provide an updated Revit model of the existing conditions on renovation and addition projects. Also, to protect the owner from any potential delays or back charges which result from unreliable site data during construction. We will also deliver to your firm the narrative regarding how our team will implement this technology to benefit the project from design through construction. There is no better “cost containment approach” than to have a completed Architectural and MEP model of the space undergoing modifications. Plus, the owner will see the value as well. If you are responding to RFQ’s, please consider leveraging our building and complex MEP experience on your team.