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Construction, architectural and engineering firms are demanding greater levels of standardization in procedures, accuracies, and drawing standards. It’s getting increasingly difficult to maintain the skill levels needed to provide in-house technical competence that can create accurate as-built drawings. We perform on-site imaging and acquire consistent data under strict guidelines. Then we transform those findings into standardized and highly accurate as-built drawings and solid model imagery that becomes the foundation for more efficient and error free design, engineering, and construction information.

DBS scanning process:

Why Use Our Services:

I Faster and more accurate data acquisition.

I Large database of real-world information means that there are fewer omis¬sions on the site survey.

I Proven techniques and deliverables in the industries serviced.

I The ability to re-use information for additional deliverables or measure¬ments.

I Protected databases ensure that the information collected can be used in litigation.

BHS Sample Scan 

Below is a link to a recent BHS scan DBS completed. What you are viewing is the actual scan data from each scanner position. The raw scan data, or point cloud, is in full color and this is a free deliverable we provide with the model. It is web based and simple to use. You have probably seen these before. You can extract rudimentary measurements and label objects in this program as well. Many of our GC clients like this tool to assist them with coordination in meetings and a way to view an area without making a trip to the field. We typically will give this to you a few days after we complete the scanning in the field while we are generating the Revit or CAD model. Once you open the program, click on one of the circles. That will then open up each individual numbered scan position which looks like a pin and so forth. Click here for the link.

Please contact us for a free sample Revit model we generated from the scan.