BIM & VDC Consulting

Enhance your project success with our expert VDC consulting services for the AEC industry.


Over 25 Years of Experience in BIM & VDC Consulting

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DBS leverages cutting-edge digital tools and methodologies to transform traditional construction processes, fostering greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in building design, construction, and management.

Our expertise in integrating VDC techniques spans across the critical phases of project development—from conceptualization and design through to construction and operation—ensuring seamless collaboration among all stakeholders and aligning with the ever-evolving demands of the AEC industry.

Expert BIM & VDC Services

AEC firms can enhance their design accuracy, streamline collaboration, and improve project management efficiency with our services.

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We create professional models while collaboratively detecting and resolving clashes, conflicts, and design issues throughout every stage of a project.

BIM and VDC for A/E/C Companies

Model Management

We offer detailed reports featuring Model Information Requests (MIRs), construction-related issues, shop drawing production, and more.

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BIM Shop Drawings & As-Builts

3D models enhance communication ensuring that contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers clearly understand the design intentions.

Why should you take advantage of VDC (virtual design and construction)?

Leveraging VDC consulting can lead to more informed decision-making, reduced waste, and tighter control over schedules and budgets, ensuring that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.


Benefits of our BIM & VDC Consulting Services

Our VDC consulting services can significantly streamline processes for companies in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry by integrating digital technologies into every phase of the project lifecycle.

Improved Planning & Design

VDC allows for better visualization of the final product, facilitates stakeholder alignment, and enables more informed decision-making early in the project.

Enhanced Collaboration

VDC offers a centralized digital platform where all project stakeholders can access, review, and update project information in real-time.

Cost Savings

Through detailed analysis and simulation, companies can avoid unnecessary expenses and budget overruns, ensuring a more cost-effective project delivery.

Scan to BIM services for Airports

Leaders in BIM & VDC Consulting for Aviation

Our experience in VDC consulting is particularly evident in the sphere of airport expansion and construction, where we have made significant contributions to over 60 American airports.

This feat is not just a testament of our capability to handle projects of substantial complexity and scale but also highlights our adeptness at navigating the unique challenges posed by airport construction.