3D Laser Scanning Services

Welcome to DBS. We have over 20 years of experience in 3D laser scanning services working with top AEC firms on new construction, remodels and expansions. DBS is a MBE/DBE certified company across several states.


3D Laser Scanning Services

Utilizing advanced 3D laser scanning technology, our services provide timely information that minimizes errors, enables sound decision-making and helps to reduce overall construction costs.

DBS has been using this technology for over 20 years. Our company is the nation’s most experienced aviation laser scanning service provider with vast experience in BIM and VDC. 

Our Work

DBS is the go-to firm for 3D laser scanning services and a company top AEC firms can trust. Having worked with several architecture, engineering and construction companies, DBS has earned the reputation for helping these firms streamline their design and planning processes.

With cutting-edge technology and expert staff, DBS specializes in providing precise and detailed 3D scans of buildings, structures, and sites, which are essential for accurate modeling and project planning.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency makes DBS a preferred partner for AEC projects, ensuring that complex construction and renovation projects are executed with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Standardized and Highly Accurate Drawings

Construction, architectural, and engineering firms are demanding greater levels of standardization in procedures, accuracies, and drawing standards. We perform on-site imaging and acquire consistent data under strict guidelines. Then we transform those findings into standardized and highly accurate as-built drawings and solid model imagery that becomes the foundation for more efficient and error free design, engineering, and construction information.

Reagan National Airport

This project was a testament to the importance of accuracy in the BIM process and how a precise Revit model can drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects.

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3d laser scan at mcneese state university

Reagan National Airport

After scanning 20,000 square feet of interior space, the DBS project at McNeese State University’s Engineering Building and Lab resulted in the creation of an innovative and immersive interactive video walkthrough. 

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3D Laser Scanning Firm

Our nationwide presence ensures that we can swiftly deploy our teams and technology to any location, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry we serve. 

The company’s use of state-of-the-art equipment and software is central to its operations. By continually investing in the latest 3D laser scanning technology, DBS ensures that it can capture the most precise and detailed scans possible.

This technology is capable of producing high-resolution data, which is crucial for accurate modeling and analysis in various applications.

Whether it’s capturing the intricate details of a historical building for preservation, modeling airports, or scanning entire city blocks for urban planning, the quality of DBS’s equipment guarantees results that are both reliable and detailed.